Calm and Confident CD

Helfpful for anxiety, stress, sleeping problems, PTSD and even pain.

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Pain Control Based on EMDR

This powerful MPEG-4 quality music offers 3 x 30 minute tracks of relaxation and pain-relieving music and suggestions.

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Anxiety Release

We have helpful articles, soundtracks, and an App based on EMDR

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Change Your Brain, Change Your Pain Soundtracks

Designed for anybody who is suffering from some combination of physical and emotional pain.

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The New Change Your Brain, Change Your Pain (2016) Book

Based on the latest discoveries about brain structure and functioning, this book explains how physical and emotional pain are linked in the brain and how to overcome pain by reversing the brain processes that maintain it.

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Pain Control with EMDR: treatment manual

For therapists:  The 5th revised edition of this research-based manual describes how to use EMDR in the treatment of chronic pain.

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Next Professional Workshop

EMDR Treatment of Pain Workshop – Sydney, October 2016

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Welcome to

Welcome to Overcoming – a place where you can learn how to feel better, whether your pain is physical, emotional or a combination of both. Recent discoveries in neuroscience have revolutionized our management of pain. Although it often starts in the body, all pain involves the brain. In fact there is an 80% overlap in the areas of the brain involved in physical and emotional pain. The great thing about the brain is that it is changeable – capable of being modified by experience. Increased understanding of the brain has led to the development of new strategies for overcoming pain, aimed at changing the patterns of brain activity which maintain pain. These range from SSRI anti-depressants to meditation to innovative psychological therapies such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. These methods target the deeper areas of the brain where sensory-emotional aspects of pain are stored. Because they are designed to work with how the brain works, they are both more efficient and more effective. Just think about the difference between how walking along a beach at sunset (or listening to music or having coffee with a friend) makes you feel compared with telling yourself to relax. The sensory experience affects you much more than the purely mental one. Inside these pages you will find a collection of information and resources to help you apply this knowledge to your healing ranging from free tip sheets to a comprehensive self-healing program – Change Your Brain Change Your Pain (book and CD).

Introducing Mark Grant MA

Mark Grant
 Mark Grant (MA) is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience in the treatment of stress, trauma, and pain. Mark’s main interest and experience is in the role of negative emotion (resulting from stress) as a cause and an effect of health problems.Based on recent discoveries from brain scans, Mark regards emotion as both the key to many psychological problems, but also a powerful resource. Associated with this, he is interested in treatments which harness people’s emotional resources.Find out about Mark Grant here or arrange an appointment or consultation here

The root of all health is in the brain
The trunk of it is in emotion
The branches and leaves are the body
The flower of health blooms
When all parts work together
Kurdish Folk Wisdom

Resources to Help You Overcome Pain

Anxiety Resources

Articles, soundtracks and an App based on EMDR to help with Anxiety


Find out about the latest research in EMDR and Bilateral Brain Stimulation

Self Help

Lots of self help articles to help you overcome pain.

Self Evaluation Test

Take the self evaluation test and discover resources to help you.

Books and Music

Soundtracks and Books to help you overcome pain


Mark conducts Workshops on pain control

EMDR Treatment of Pain Workshop by Mark GrantEMDR Treatment of Pain by Mark Grant

Sydney Australia

7th and 8th of October 2016

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North Sydney Harbour view Hotel
17 Blue St, Sydney NSW 2060

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EMDR Workshops

Find out about upcoming workshops for those in the field of professional pain management

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Anxiety Release App

Anxiety Release App!

The Anxiety Release App has just been released and is designed to give you instant relief from your Anxiety Symptoms.

Install it on your iPhone, iPad, or Android Phone or Tablet and get instant release as your brain benefits from Bilateral Stimulation.

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Yours in wellness,


Mark Grant