Sleep Restore App - Coming Soon

Uniquely designed for sufferers of stress-related insomnia, (eg; PTSD, chronic medical conditions) this app harnesses the power of Bilateral stimulation (bls) to turn off the worry and physical tension that inhibit sleep.



  • Sleep assessment questionnaire
  • 16 sessions (over five hours) of guided meditations, natural and artificial sounds and bls,
  • Different sessions for ‘getting to sleep’ and ‘getting back to sleep’
  • Individualized recommendations (based on questionnaire) regarding which sessions you should use
  • Ability to create individualized playlist
  • Ability to loop sessions indefinitely



  • Selected inspiration quotes to counteract negative attitudes and beliefs that might be impeding sleep (eg; ‘its not safe to relax’)
  •  Assessment Questionnaire helps assess whether you might be suffering from a more serious sleep disorder
  • Research backed
Sleep Restore App based on EMDR

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