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Anxiety Release App and CD

Anxiety Release (CD or app) shows you how to release anxious thoughts and feelings naturally and effortlessly, by harnessing the power of your brain.

Anxiety is an unpleasant but sometimes necessary feeling which may be triggered by internal or external stimuli. Regardless of the cause, anxiety is maintained by your brain.  Based on recent discoveries from Neuroscience, Anxiety Release uses bilateral stimulation to de-activate your worry-circuit.

It does this by combining guided instructions and focusing (your attention) with non-verbal auditory bilateral brain stimulation. Bilateral stimulation is a treatment element of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing). EMDR is a revolutionary treatment which seems to harness the brain’s innate capacity to reprocess traumatic memories and feelings in a most efficient way. When coupled with focused attention, Bilateral stimulation has been found to stimulate decreased worry, increased calmness and relaxation and even improved sleep.

Because bilateral stimulation works on the unconscious, sensing part of your brain, there is no need to think too hard or struggle with the feelings. All you have to do is LISTEN and your brain will do the rest!

About Anxiety Release

Because Anxiety Release relies on your ability to pay attention and respond to both cognitive and non-cognitive stimulation, the first track is an introductory exercise designed to familiarize you with the process. This track will be particularly helpful to people who have concentration problems or difficulty trying new things. Tracks two and three are guided focusing/bilateral stimulation sessions which will help you release anxiety as you are experiencing it. Track four is simply bilateral stimulation, for those times when you just need something to switch off your worry thoughts or calm yourself down during an anxiety-provoking experience. Many people find this track helpful for getting to sleep. Track five is a safe place exercise designed to help create in you an emotional foundation from which to combat anxiety. This track will be most useful to people for whom safety is an issue.

It’s important to listen with an open mind. There is no right or wrong. Sometimes you will ‘get’ the response you expect, sometimes you won’t – it doesn’t matter. The more you listen, the more chances you are giving your nervous system to respond.

What to expect;

Anxiety Release will help you to discover your in-built anxiety-off switch as well giving you a tool with which to combat anxiety, worry and stress.

Anxiety Release will help you to feel less controlled by anxiety and more free to be the person you should be.

You can use Anxiety Release anywhere, anytime, but it’s not recommended when driving, flying a plane or operating heavy machinery!

Anxiety Release can also be used as a stand-alone self-help resource or in conjunction with psychotherapy, including EMDR.

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Anxiety Release App

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Anxiety Release App

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